Apartments For Sale in Islamabad – Al Ghurair Giga Projects

Apartments For Sale in Islamabad – Al Ghurair Giga Projects

Moreover in Islamabad, real estate activity mainly focuses on the purchasing and selling of apartments, houses, and plots. Still, we’ve seen much interest in people looking for flats or apartments for sale in Islamabad for living or investment purposes. The lack of space in the city has replaced the style of construction. Today, several residential buildings are available in Islamabad. With this change becoming distinct every day, let’s shed some light on how flats for sale in Islamabad are faring as investment opportunities in real estate.

Most residential buildings in DHA Islamabad like Goldcrest Views, Goldcrest Highlife, Central Palace Residence, Town Center Commercial, Defence Tower, Defence Executive Apartments, El Cielo, Defence Residency Apartments, and Lignum Tower of Al Ghurair Giga come with set of benefits, unmatched facilities and amenities like experiencing community living with friendly neighbors right across the hall with 24/7 well-secured entrances and exits and many more

Apartments for Sale In Islamabad – Al Ghurair Giga

Al Ghurair Giga Pakistan (Private) Ltd is a leading business group; involved in Banking, Real Estate, Textile, and Gold Refining. AGGPL’s primary focus in Pakistan is real estate mix development, including multimillion USD projects – Giga Mall Islamabad and Goldcrest Dubai.

Luxury residential projects are highlighted below:

Goldcrest Views Apartments

• Location: DHA 2, Islamabad

Goldcrest Views is Giga Group’s milestone residential project. It’s the same project that won the award for the “Best High-rise Development Award 2008” in Dubai. Now, Giga Group is bringing its upgraded version to DHA II Islamabad. Goldcrest Views comprises 7 40-Storey stunning high-risers. It offers studio apartments, penthouses,  1, 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms modern luxury residences. So, these apartments cater to the needs of a wide range of investors. The project comprises seven 40-story towers built in a unique shape and design reminiscent of  Goldcrest Views Dubai.

Goldcrest Highlife

• Location: DHA 2, Islamabad

Goldcrest Highlife is Giga Group’s other farsighted residential project. It’s also centrally located in DHA 2 Islamabad. Goldcrest Highlife is a  3-tower residential complex that offers exceptional views of the verdant greens around the locality. The project provides excellent lifestyle choices previously unheard of in the region. Each tower of Goldcrest Highlife is meticulously designed on modern lines with multiple levels of vehicle parking, 24-hour power/water backup, and state-of-the-art conveniences on the rooftop. There are also various residential layouts to suit everyone’s unique requirements.

Giga Mall Extention Hotel Apartments

• Location: DHA 2, Islamabad

The Gigamall Extension features a vertical hub, with matchless investment opportunities. Fulfilling global standards and giving an edge to Investors looking for luxury Investments. By leveraging the economic horizons, investment in Hotel Apartments provides high capital appreciation. The hotel Apartments extend the ambiance by providing high-class amenities. The Luxury hotel apartment feels like a Home away from home. The Extraordinary Hospitality, Elegant Interiors, and Luxury rooms with stunning views of Twin cities all around. It is a Hub of Robust Lifestyle.

Town Center Commercial

• Location: DHA 2, Islamabad

Town Center Commercial is a vibrant and bustling hub that serves as the heart of economic activity in DHA 2 Islamabad. Featuring all the amenities of the town in a single place is an extraordinary and magnificent commercial complex designed to provide top-class amenities and endless commercial opportunities to its visitors and businesses alike.

Situated at a prime location within DHA 2 Islamabad, Town Center Commercial stands as a beacon of progress and prosperity. Its architectural design is a perfect blend of modern aesthetics and functionality, attracting attention and setting a new standard for commercial developments.

Central Palace Residence

• Location: DHA 2, Islamabad

The Central Palace Residence is a residential development for the elite. It’s located at the prime location of Downtown Giga, right next to the main GT road. Central Palace Residence offers ultra-modern and luxury residences at very affordable rates. All the Apartments in Central Palace Residence are dream luxury residences with luxury fittings, luxury fixtures, and luxury finishes. These apartments’ unique style and decorative details distinguish them from other projects. From luxurious floors to branded sanitaryware and European touches, each apartment in Central Palace Residence has a unique class of its own.

Delivered Projects

Lignum Tower Apartments

Location: DHA 2, Islamabad

Defense Phase II provides all the latest facilities. Lignum Tower apartments include underground power and telephone cabling, broad streets with efficient drainage, and a sewage system. Moreover, it has a direct link to the Motorway, which reduces commuting time. This facilitates access for both residents and visitors. It also makes your private living more elegant, classy, and stylish simultaneously. These apartments give you a sense of living in the lap of luxury. Each apartment comes with a spacious dining room, an ultra-modern kitchen, large and airy bedrooms with built-in closets, and lavishly fitted bathrooms.

Defense Tower Apartments

Location: DHA 2, Islamabad

Defense Tower is being built using the latest technology and an experienced workforce. If you are looking for apartments for sale in Islamabad, you do not need to look any further for your ideal family residence. It is a safe community for you to raise your family in a lush green place. It is one of several commercial buildings in the area. The entire site is under the protection of the Pakistani military and is thus very secure. These apartments are designed with 1, 2, and 3 Bedrooms, giving attention to every detail and day-to-day requirements of our valued customers. It has some of the most elegant luxury apartments with comfortable bedrooms and well-fitted bathrooms.

Defence Tower II Apartments

Location: DHA 2, Islamabad

The tower displays a night view that gets direct and indirect lighting systems and gives an iconic look to the building. The building will also have its own entrance lobby that will have technologically sound and spacious elevators. Having magnificent interior and exterior and state-of-the-art technology like CCTV cameras, intercom systems, and information counters, the tower will set a new benchmark in becoming a desirable address in the construction industry. Withdrawing, dining and lounge built, your comfort is kept in mind, and an open-style kitchen helps to represent a modern and stylish look. Defence Tower II displays the state-of-the-art design for its valued customers, with bedrooms carefully designed for comfort alongside offering beautiful views. Therefore, this tower is known to be one of the most impressive developments in DHA Islamabad, Rawalpindi.

Defense Executive Apartments

Location: DHA 2, Islamabad

Defense Executive Apartments is a high-rise luxury development with a magnificent interior and exterior, setting a new benchmark in becoming a desirable address in the construction industry. The project’s exclusive features include High-Speed lifts, CCTV cameras monitoring system, an intercom system, covered car parking, a prayer area, a modern gymnasium, a standby power backup, and children’s play area fire-fighting system, and many more. Defense Executive Apartments displays a state-of-the-art design for its valued customers, with bedrooms carefully designed for comfort alongside beautiful views.

El Cielo & El Cielo Prime Apartments

Location: DHA 2, Islamabad

El Cielo is a luxury residential development located in DHA II, Islamabad. It is an under-construction project with a total of 320 apartments in two buildings spread over 12 floors each, including two parking floors. This prime residential development is all set to be handed over to eager residents over the next couple of years. There are three categories of apartments, including premium, premium plus, and executive apartments of varying sizes but unmatched luxury. This project aims to continue the Giga legacy of luxury, security, and class. This project includes apartments of all sizes, from studio apartments up to penthouse apartments.

Defence Residency Apartments

Location: DHA 2, Islamabad

Defence Residency is a low-rise project and it comprises 17 blocks ranging from 4 to 10 floors. It is a stone’s away from parks and recreational facilities. Additionally, it has round-the-clock power, and uninterrupted utilities, and has used world-class materials keeping in mind international construction standards. The building is very close to major shopping malls and entertainment areas, as well.

Benefits of Living in Apartments

  • Economic dynamism

    Firstly, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, twin cities, draw the great majority of residents of other Pakistani cities. The economic vitality of Islamabad helps locals find employment and other work.
    The financial aspect of renting is a benefit of flat living. Usually, renting is less expensive than getting a mortgage. Because a landlord often has less space and responsibility than a tenant does, financial aspects like maintenance and utilities tend to be more cost-effective.

  • Refined Maintenance Facilities

    Secondly, One of the perks of an apartment building is that they provide low-cost maintenance facilities. Calling for help is all it takes to get help if your washbasin is blocked or if something else is amiss. The top apartment buildings in Islamabad have a round-the-clock hotline. On one phone call away, all fixing and repairings will be taken care of.

  • Sustainable Growing Environment

    Thirdly, Apartment owners in Islamabad can select a distinctive living area with a sustainable and expanding environment in the center of a spectacular landscape. Parks, lush mountains, lakes, and other natural treasures surround it. Many individuals are drawn to this way of life and desire to buy real estate in Islamabad.

  • Community Lifestyle

    Fourthly, Living in a flat offers numerous advantages. One of these is the intimacy and connections one makes when visiting. You get to know your neighbors better if you live in a flat. Living in an apartment complex rather than a house with a wall or fence between neighbors makes it easier to socialize and form relationships. In the play area, kids will probably quickly find playmates, and you may chat with your neighbors or give them a call in case of an emergency.

  • Safe Car Parking Area

    Fifthly, In addition to the many benefits of apartment living, the availability of a safe car parking area is a significant advantage. Unlike many houses with limited parking space, apartments offer ample parking lots that provide convenience and peace of mind. Whether you have guests visiting or an extra vehicle to park, you can rest assured knowing that there is room for everyone. Say goodbye to parking concerns and embrace the convenience and safety of apartment living.

  • 24/7 Security and Surveillance services

    Finally, Apartments provide full security with the latest technology of CCTV facilities. Families cannot compromise the safety of their loved ones; that is why there is safe living environment. With all the extraordinary amenities, security concerns are at the top to have a serene and secure living.

Final Thoughts

Moreover, Experts suggest looking at the most popular areas with apartments for sale in Islamabad. If these options look attractive, then enjoy living a stress-free life.
Nonetheless, there are many other benefits to apartment living. For instance, a carefree lifestyle and living in a society where one can experience friendships and facilities. You are also close to stores and public transport. Besides, the ability to move in and out in a short timeframe while incurring fewer costs is also handy.

Projects of Al-Ghurair Giga Private Limited:

Town Center Commercial | D Mall | Goldcrest Highlife | Giga Mall Extension | World Trade Centre Islamabad | Defence Residency | Lignum Tower | Defence Executive Apartments | El Cielo | Capital Business Avenue.