Apartments in Islamabad

Apartments in Islamabad

Continuous innovation may be a part of the vital estate game. On and off, we tend to encounter new trends and inclinations within the sector. The pattern of shopping for residences has shifted to Luxury residences, and it is ever-growing in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. As people incline towards luxurious living – due to high comfortability – new societies are incorporating such amenities in their projects to attract them.

Also, now secure and well-maintained lavish units are in fashion, and no doubt they are incredibly costly. In the past, people preferred to live in massive bungalows with big areas, but the trend is changing today. Slowly the trend is shifting to cozier residences wherever nuclear families will fancy healthy living. Therefore the apartments will be small with a few rooms and selected parking spaces, but no lawns. Besides, with the growing trend of Luxurious residences, people wish for everything related to it, be it parking or field.

Over the past few years, the demand for residences is growing, which has increased the demand for high-rise luxury residences all over the main cities of Pakistan. Islamabad is the hub of foreign delegates, ex-pats, Politicians, and top bureaucrats. To accommodate their needs, apartments in Islamabad ought to be excellent places for living.

Best Apartments in Islamabad- Elegant and Unique

A new trend of owning luxury flats on the highest floors of malls is becoming common these days. Many people suppose that such units would be less expensive, but the hidden reality is that they cost even more than a house in some smart societies. The explanation behind this is the prime location beside some exciting facilities provided to the individuals living here.

The new thought of luxury flats on the highest of the mall signifies an elegant style influenced by western living standards. Men and women who love shopping feel blessed to live in such a centralized location where they can fulfill all of their needs under one roof.

For instance, take the example of apartments in Islamabad; all the malls, including Al-Ghurair Projects like Defence Tower, Lignum Tower, etc. have luxury apartments offering breathtaking views. The apartments in malls also provide a facility for underground parking, which is an excellent convenience for people.

Another benefit of apartment living is the close vicinity to neighbors. Knowing that there are people close by all-around can be comforting for people living alone. Notwithstanding this, apartment living is gaining demand because it offers an economical and hassle-free lifestyle, for an increasing number of upper-middle-class households in Pakistan.

Luxury Apartments in Islamabad: Providing a Safe, Secure, and Easy Living Option

The new investment by Al Ghurair is a low-rise residential project comprising 2, 3, 4, and 5 rooms Executive Apartments located in a high-profile area of DHA Phase-II. Likewise, the project will be a model of class residential comforts with all modern amenities of life. For instance, El Cielo Apartments in Islamabad is a luxury residential development located in DHA Phase II. It is an under-construction project with a total of 329 apartments. This project includes premium, premium plus, and executive apartments of varying sizes but unmatched luxury.

In addition, all these fantastic Al Ghurair apartments in Islamabad are for sale and rent with a low markup rate for people to avail of exclusive opportunities. Best place to start a family with a friendly environment and amazing facilities. It depends on one’s personal choice of whether or not they wish to invest in such an apartment or massive bungalow! Everybody has entirely different preferences.

The main reason for the ever-growing trend of apartments in Islamabad is that they are convenient to clean and can be maintained with less furniture. However, one can overlook the disadvantages when it comes to the loads of facilities provided by such apartments. Some facilities have magnificent interiors and exteriors and state-of-the-art technology like CCTV surveillance, prime entrances, sports facilities, and ample car parking.


Soon Islamabad will transform into an International city. A new futuristic Islamabad is emerging from the barren lands of GT road adjacent to Islamabad. While other cities are witnessing a mushrooming growth of housing societies, people in Islamabad prefer to buy small luxurious apartments for their nuclear families. Due to this, Islamabad has inaugurated some fantastic luxury apartments for sale.