Become Property Savvy – Five Key Elements to Look Out For

Become Property Savvy – Five Key Elements to Look Out For

Property is by far the most effective and ever-changing playing field. It not only feels the influence of a roadblock, but it also feels the impact of reduced exports. Though, it is crucial to keep up to pace with the happenings in the market.

Read the article below to discover how you can become property savvy just by focusing on some of the key indicators of the market.

Living Expenses

The easiest thing to keep track of is the living expenses one incurs. These can be useful indicators of how the property market is doing. If the living expenses grow faster than the rise in salaries, this could mean that the banks have loosened their lending policies. It could also mean that the inflation rate will increase. Instead, if these are balanced, then the market is in balance, something which is beneficial for everyone.

Interest rates

Another circumstance that can keep you well informed regarding the market includes the interest rates. If the interest rates rise, mortgages and loans become quite challenging to manage and would usually translate into the demand for new housing going slightly down. On the contrary, low-interest rates mean a positive trend in the real estate market. This indicates that loans and mortgages become affordable, and a lot more people can then purchase the property they wanted.


This is another factor that plays a significant role in influencing the property market. One must be aware of the rates of construction going for various projects in the city. Not only that, but one should also be informed of how many and what type of projects are currently being worked on. For instance, improving infrastructure means better and easy access to many places. This results in raised prices of the surrounding areas, which ultimately translates into gated communities opening up. This means an influx of skilled labor and job creation, and so on.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

A statistic that is simply available online; Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) would single-handedly influence the market. Some strategic partnerships take place between nations in order to strengthen their diplomatic trade and ties, which results in a lot of FDI. Such things are usually in the form of setting up manufacturing units or building trade routes, economic zones, and so on. These considerably influence the market since any such development follows the same trend as the increase in construction activity, though on a far greater level.


Taxes are the most essential of them all and by far the most ingrained attribute that can clear doubts about loads of things. They play quite an integral role in the overall property market. Since there are various forms of taxes, such as Stamp Duty, Capital Value Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Property Tax, Stamp Duty, etc., these can considerably influence the end price at which you purchase, lease or rent a property. Not only that, but it also influences sales. Hence, this dramatically affects the market and must not be ignored at any cost.

These were some of the factors that you should keep in mind when studying the real estate market of Pakistan.