Beautiful Building in Pakistan

Beautiful Building in Pakistan

No doubt, people know a country for its Architectural trends as they add to the beauty of the state. Every country has its unique Landmarks. Pakistan also has a lot of talent, which is evident from some architectural masterpieces in all major cities of Pakistan, i.e., Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and Peshawar. However, in comparison with bigger countries, we are far behind. We need to do a lot more. With the changing trends, our architects are more aware and know which design will speak for itself. This awareness in architects is transforming to the emerging trends which are producing some stunning architectural designs.

The Role of the Architect

When buildings are constructed, designed, or renovated, we designate key designers as “architects” and give them a wide range of responsibilities. An architect prepares sketches of the building, showing both internal layout and external appearances. They discuss these sketches with customers to their satisfaction. The designs are abstractions. They focus attention on the pertinent details of a particular aspect of the building, overlooking other concerns.

After the architects and clients agree on these abstractions, the architects supervise or prepare much more detailed drawings, as well as textual specifications. These drawings and specifications describe many “nitty-gritty” details of a building, such as electrical wiring, plumbing, siding materials, and window glazing.

Architectural Structures

A beautiful building becomes iconic by striking a permanent pose. Such style in Architecture makes it a ‘timeless fashion.’ But this elegance goes beyond just the artistic covers of buildings. Within such timeless buildings lies a structure giving its aesthetics an extended life and imparting a visual identity to the building.

The Beauty of Architectural Structures

Beauty, in architecture, rests in the performance and behavior of the building’s structure and façade elements as a component. The structural form should have an artistic appeal while being concurrently driven by engineering considerations. An artistic design is the one that arises from engineering creativity, satisfies the requirements of efficiency and economy, and is also beautiful.

Why are Vertical Cities Important?

Vertical cities, as the name suggests, expand upwards, leaving more room for open horizontal spaces, such as walking areas, and parks, and for the construction of recreational avenues. These structures also help save construction costs as well as energy costs. In Addition, building more high structures helps prevent the loss of natural greenbelts and decreases air pollution, as people can easily roam around their neighborhoods without having to take out their cars and burn their fuel.

Allowing the construction of high-rise buildings is the first step towards a modern, greener Islamabad. The new models also bring in more investment as there would no longer be tight restrictions on constructing high-rises. Investors aiming to construct skyscrapers in Islamabad would not have to wait around to apply for any NOCs. At the same time, the capital will receive a contemporary makeover, making it even more visually attractive.

Why Construct high-rise buildings?

High-rise buildings are not a modern invention. Ancient fortresses, mosques, and churches, all were gorgeously huge buildings. Back then, the purpose of making a bigger building was to show superiority, grandeur, and construction prowess. Now, high-rise buildings are a common site in developed states.

The development of high-rise buildings began as an essential necessity when urban centers were no longer to expand horizontally, and thus, required to grow vertically. The high population growth rate in urban centers means that land prices are so costly, more limited space for expansion on the outskirts of the city, and thus in result, high-rise buildings provided a more reliable solution: more space for commercial as well as residential spaces within the span of the city.

Aiming High

There are many benefits of making plentiful high-rise buildings in the city. Firstly, they provide an immediate solution to the lack of space in the city. More and more people can live closer to their family, friends, and workplaces. It also eliminates the need for expanding the city and the risks that it takes over other vital areas like agricultural lands nearby the city.

Secondly, high-rise buildings allow the city’s skyline to be more prominent. Architects of developed countries use the city’s skyline as their art and paint it with magnificent and beautiful buildings incorporating different designs. The building itself provides a remarkable view of the surrounding city and offers an obvious advantage over other buildings. In that way, the city also becomes more noticeable and encourages the preservation of areas surrounding the building.

Finally, it promotes the city as plenty of high-rise buildings in a growing metropolitan show economic growth and stability, promoting tourism. And with plenty of living areas, tourists can adapt or adjust quickly.

Of course, shifting from a conventional city to a skyline dominated by skyscrapers is challenging for a country like Pakistan. Nonetheless, a small step could be to incorporate high-rise buildings into development projects, which include both residential and commercial spaces, like malls with apartments on the upper floors. And soon after, there can be dedicated buildings for corporate offices and others for a living.

Green Technology

In the construction business, the course of building sustainable and eco-friendly buildings and homes is gaining attraction from homeowners and builders alike. People are incorporating eco-friendly methods to build houses. This particular construction method involves utilizing green technologies, which means using resources efficiently in the construction process.

From conserving water by installing dual-flush toilets in your buildings to properly insulating a house to assure less dependence on cooling/heating mechanisms, some of these environment-friendly construction practices have already gained significant popularity across the globe. This approach of construction is aimed at reducing our carbon footprint and assuring a better environment.

Al-Ghurair Giga Pakistan

Al-Ghurair Giga Pakistan and Giga group are famous for their top-notch building designs. They have procedures for carrying out the task not only in real estate developments but also in gold refining, banking, shopping malls, and textile. Al-Ghurair Giga’s core competence is its ability to understand and create a fit between architecture, management, and construction. Sound strategic planning and rich experience in residential and commercial projects; are bound to do projects In Pakistan with major success stories. Some of the magnificent projects of Al-Ghurair Giga are given below.

Defence Residency

Defence Residency is a residential project that is carefully designed comprising 2, 3, 4, and 5 rooms. The Project will be a model of class residential comforts with all modern amenities of life. Defense Residency will cater to the varied needs of small, medium, and large family setups from middle and upper-class strata. Another outstanding feature of this Project is its affordable price and very easy payment plan, keeping in view the needs of the common man in the country.

Lignum Tower

Built for the urbane, upwardly mobile professionals, Lignum Tower, DHA Phase II Islamabad is an exhilarating experience in 21st-century living. Lignum Tower offers its residents a choice between modern high-rise towers and traditional terrace-style apartments. The tower is an 18-story building and offers luxurious and secure apartments that have bedrooms between 1 and 3.

El Cielo and El Cielo Prime Apartments

El Cielo is a luxury residential development located in DHA II, Islamabad. It is an under-construction project with a total of 320 apartments in two buildings over 12 floors each, including two parking floors. This prime residential development is all set to be handed over to eager residents over the next couple of years. There are three categories of apartments, including premium, premium plus, and executive apartments of varying sizes but unmatched luxury. This project aims to continue the Giga legacy of luxury, security, and class. This Project includes apartments of all sizes from studio apartments all the way up to penthouse apartments.

Defence Tower

Defence Tower is utilizing the latest technology and workforce. If you are looking for apartments for sale in Islamabad, then you do not need to look any further for your ideal family residence. It is located in a safe community for you to raise your family surrounded by lush green areas. It is one of several commercial buildings in the area. The entire place is under the protection of the Pakistani military and is thus very secure. Giving attention to every detail and day-to-day requirements of our customers, these apartments feature 1, 2, and 3 Bedrooms accommodations. It has some of the finest luxury apartments with cozy bedrooms and spacious bathrooms in comparison with any project in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.