How to Receive a Fair Price on the House?

How to Receive a Fair Price on the House?

All customers have one thing in common. They do not want to sell their property at below price than the market price. Whatever the prevailing condition in the real estate market, particularly if it is frothy, it is essential to make sure that you get the right price. Though, how can you identify that you are making a fair deal before making an offer, when the market is not favorable?

Check the following constituents to assess the real value of any house so that you can make the right investment decision.

Newly Sold Property

Two similar properties are when two houses are identical in terms of quality of construction, size, neighborhood, condition, and availability of the facilities. For example, a ten marla new house with a garage should cost almost at the same level as another ten marla house in the same neighborhood. Consequently, it is necessary to look at leading property portals to match the prices of different properties. Though, for more specific information, you must meet an experienced and professional real estate agent.

Check Comparable Properties

Once you discuss with a real estate agent, you can visit comparable houses. So that you can get a real good idea of a scale to compare the property you are thinking to invest in. You can usually distinguish the properties and see what appears to be a fair price. Wise sellers always price their properties similar to market comparable if they want to be competitive.

Check unsold comparable too

When you look at the number of similar properties, please do not neglect to check the houses that are taken off the market because they did not sell at the given price. Most apparently, these properties are over-priced. A smart decision would be to see several comparable properties on the market. Particularly if most of them are vacant, prices must be lower. You can also have a chit-chat with your realtor to find out the average time it takes to sell a house.

Price appreciation and Market conditions

While comparing the properties, you must also know about the price trend, whether prices have been increasing or decreasing recently. In a seller’s market, properties will possibly be somewhat overpriced, and in a buyers’ market, properties are typically underpriced. Consequently, property prices depend upon where the market currently is on the real estate boom and bust curve. 

Real estate agent opinion

Without even examining the data, your real estate agent is likely to have the experience. They can make quite a good guesses about whether the property has the right price or not. Also, they should know what the offering price should be.

Does the price seem fair?

If you don’t like the property, the price will never appear fair, even if you get a bargain. Though, if you give a little over market value for a house you love, you will not really care in the end.