Attractive Features of Housing Societies

Attractive Features of Housing Societies

When it comes to purchasing a property in Pakistan, both overseas and local buyers normally prefer investing in housing societies that are owned by prominent developers to ensure their investment remains safe and will give them more profit in the future. Those who are looking for short-term investments usually purchase properties in well-developed projects, while those with long-term investment plans mostly purchase properties in developing communities.

Since finding the ideal housing society is just as important as finding a perfect plot or a house, we will mention a few of the striking features that people are attracted to when considering which housing society to invest in.

Gated Community

One of the characteristics people look for in a housing society is security and safety; that is the reason why gated communities have obtained immense popularity over the past years. In fact, the construction of such projects or schemes is considered one of the fastest-growing real estate trends in the country.

Gated communities in Pakistan can be characterized as exclusive residential communities that are usually surrounded by a fence or a boundary wall, with trained security men guarding each point of entry and exit. Along with providing the citizens with around-the-clock security, such housing societies also restrict the number of outside visitors by only allowing approved guests to enter the premises. These restrictions not only help protect the residents against petty criminals and thieves but also play a significant role in decreasing the traffic on the roads of society while fostering a sense of community living. Moreover, living in a gated community gives residents a sense of privacy and peace, as well as offers a safer environment for children.

Planning of the Housing Societies

Planning, infrastructure, and attention to detail are also among the top features of good housing societies in Pakistan. Some of the constituents that make a housing society more attractive among customers include modern latest architecture, wide and well-paved roads, pedestrian crossings, underground electric cables, proper sewerage, and sanitation system, parks, graveyards, designated parking areas, footpaths and pavements, and much more.

This is one of the main reasons why areas such as DHA Islamabad, Bahria Town, and Gulberg are considered the top real estate projects for housing in Pakistan.

Economical Payment Plans

Economical prices and quite easy installment plans are two of the best characteristics of a good housing society. Residential schemes with state-of-the-art infrastructure and a host of other amenities frequently boast higher property rates. Though, to boost customers from different economic backgrounds, several housing societies offer a variety of housing options as well as installment plans. In other words, installment plans are considered somewhat of a catalyst in the real estate industry since they provide the clients with an option to pay for their property over a specific period of time in a series of small payments instead of making huge payments.

Concerned Authorities

The approval of concerned development and planning authorities, like CDA in Islamabad and LDA in Lahore, is also one of the most significant characteristics of good housing societies. If a residential project has been approved and verified by a local development authority, it is most likely free of property scams and frauds, making it a safe place to invest. You can easily check the status of a housing society by visiting the website of the planning and development authority to verify their NOC.

Facilities of Housing Societies

Modern housing societies somehow provide a host of world-class facilities to their residents. Some of the most popular facilities offered by housing societies include CCTV surveillance, uninterrupted supply of electricity, community centers, sports facilities and playgrounds, access to quality health care and reputable educational institutes, restaurants, and cafes, mosques, commercial zones featuring outlets of domestic and international brands, recreational places, and much more. Access to essential utilities such as gas and water connections is also a must. Typically, housing societies boasting such facilities are comparatively expensive though they are also the main reason why real estate investors flock to get property in such residential schemes.