Guide to House Construction

Guide to House Construction

Buying a plot with the intention of constructing a brand new house on it, is undoubtedly a troublesome procedure. House construction is a very hectic process, and you have to give your full attention to the house for the next 1 to 2 years until the house gets completed. So, to make your life easy, in this blog, we will cover all you need to know, from preparing the foundation of the house to interior designing, until the decorating part. Our purpose is to help you get through the process with a comprehensive understanding of everything that is needed and happening around you.

Step 1: Conducting Soil Analysis

The most necessary task to start with is testing the soil and analyze its type and consistency. If the soil on the ground is sort of loose, you will need a deeper excavation and a refilling of the plot area. If the soil is quite hard, you will need to break it down with more massive machinery before fixing the foundation of your new houses in Islamabad.

Step 2: Layouts and Floor Plans

After soil testing, the next step would be to hire a professional architect to follow all the technical steps involved in constructing a house. Some elite housing societies may even help you by offering their floorplans and layouts for your particular plot. Keep in mind that while you might have some set requirements with regards to the house being built, there might be limitations in bringing your vision to reality.

Plus, communicate all your requirements to the architect beforehand so that the plan can help them in advance. This involves the number of rooms you want, the number of sets you want in the structure, and so on. Be sure that your plan is approved before you start construction.

Step 3: Applying for Utilities

When you start your construction, start applying for the essential utilities that you will require, including gas, power, and water. In some areas, you may require a gas cylinder, backup generator, water tank to compensate for a shortage of these utility items, and you will need to plan for these circumstances, respectively.

Step 4: Foundation Process

The practical stages of house construction really start when you lay the foundation of the house. Excavation is completely done, and concrete is poured into the base, which then needs some time to dry thoroughly before further construction can be done on the plot. Then you can build the frame or the general structure of the house as per the approved plans.

Step 5: Polishing the Exterior

As soon as the structure of the house is built, it is time to work on the exterior finishes. From fitting the roof tiles to plastering the walls, all of it needs to be done properly, keeping the curb appeal of the house in mind. You can even use textured paint for your exterior walls or get brickwork designs carved into it for added finesse.

Step 6: Work on the Interior

Once the exterior structure of the house is finished, the next in the step-by-step guide to constructing a house is to work on the interior. From installing the floor to deciding the paint colors for walls, there is a lot to be done in this step. Electrical wiring, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, and all the windows and doors of the house need to be added into the structure, so assure that the house is ready for its finishing touches.

Step 7: Finalising the Home

The next task of making the house more liveable involves painting the interior in the colors that you have chosen in advance to make it feel more homely. Though, in addition to adding a touch of paint, every under-construction house has a messy and unkempt look to it that is quite unappealing. Trust us; you do not want to move into a house that seems like it is still being built. Most contractors, though, will usually clean up after themselves before handing the house over to you for a final inspection.

Step 8: Decorating Touches

Finally, once all of the construction aspects are finished, you are free to decorate your house with the color scheme of your preference. Spray a wall in your chosen designs, or bring in the furniture that you need to make life more comfortable within your new dwelling.