How Construction Businesses are Shaping the way we Live and Work?

How Construction Businesses are Shaping the way we Live and Work?

DHA Islamabad near Swan camp at GT Road in Rawalpindi is an ambitious project. It’s shaping the way we do real estate and work in the construction and housing business. AKA DHA Rawalpindi, it’s opening up new avenues for construction workers and entrepreneurs. Especially for business enthusiasts who want to work in the construction and real estate business, whether it is architecture, construction, renting out, or buying or selling property in the area.

DHA A Prime Example

It has changed the way we do construction and real estate business and develop and construct new homes and lease out the property for business use. DHA Islamabad Phase 2 has another ambitious project up to its sleeves, and that is GIGA Mall by the Al Ghurair group based in the Middle East. It offers a shopping mall with shops that provide thousands of local and international brands and office space and apartments for buying and renting out.

It is an excellent venture when it comes to providing shopping and recreational facilities to the local population in DHA Rawalpindi and the entire DHA valley. The construction and real estate business has seen a lot of growth and revenue generation in Pakistan over the years. And DHA Rawalpindi is just part of that growth and construction, and real estate innovation and revolution, the benchmark of which was set by Bahria town Rawalpindi.

A phenomenal residential area

DHA is not only a phenomenal residential area, but it also offers restaurants, recreational facilities, gyms and cinemas, and concert venues for its residents. Thus it provides all it can and has substantial potential for growth. DHA has grown leaps and bounds in the Rawalpindi and Islamabad regions, and DHA phase 2 Islamabad has seen tremendous growth in recent years.

There was no looking back once DHA phase 1 is complete. DHA 2 and its success are just a part of the package and icing on the sugar. It has a lot of potential for further growth and revenue generation. Providing a residential facility with state-of-the-art technologies, amenities, and facilities such as schools, colleges, gyms, and shopping malls is the need of the hour, as our population is growing, and there is more and more need for a state-of-the-art residential facility that could be on par with Bahria town Rawalpindi.

The Success of DHA 2

The success of DHA phase 1 and now DHA PHASE 2 Rawalpindi shows innovation and aspiration for the future and that dedication can make any project work, Giga Mall is also one such ambitious project, and it is thriving, it shows how much potential this industry has, and how much recreational space is the need of the hour.

These projects are just enhancing the way we live, work, and shop and go about our everyday lives and perform daily chores. We can’t be left behind and Pakistan also needs to step up and move ahead in innovation and exciting projects in real estates, construction, and education, such as DHA and Giga Mall in the world trade center. These projects open up new business venues, provide employment and help all in the society move forward towards a better and brighter future that is inclusive and offers growth and success for all.


By working in the development sector, we can cut down on unemployment and provide more business opportunities for entrepreneurs and also pay heed to the ever-increasing needs for residential apartments and housing.