Where and How to Invest in Pakistan

Where and How to Invest in Pakistan

We have all read up so many times that the key to getting rich is by investing as opposed to saving. In this day and age when inflation is running wild, every sane voice in finance will tell you that investing your money in the right place is everything. The higher the risk, higher the return. However, it is still not advisable to take foolish risks. We have a made a list of some of the great investment opportunities in Pakistan.

Fixed income Deposits

These funds offer relatively lower rates and more often than not their rate of return is lower than the rate of inflation. However, for senior citizens the rate of return is somewhat better. It is a safe way to secure your money without taking on too much risk.

Investing in the Stock Market

The stock market is another great place where fortunes are made and lost. The Pakistani stock market has a long history of returning different rates of return in boom times and bust times. While you can make a fortune if you invest wisely, do not put your eggs in one basket and risk losing everything due to the level of volatility.

Investment in Gold

The gold standard is not called the gold standard for anything. While the real value of things vary, gold is never going to lose its value. There will be a day when oil will be worthless as the world will have moved on to green energy, gold however will only get more expensive with time.

Investment in Pakistan Real Estate

Lastly, the biggest industry in Pakistan offers very handsome returns for savvy investors who are looking towards making large sums of money over an extended period of time. Unlike stocks, the real estate sector is for those who are in it for the long haul. A quick profit and rapid exit from the real estate sector is never a wise thing to do. When you think about investment in Pakistan there is no other sector of the economy that attracts quite as much capital as the real estate sector.

Both commercial and residential estate give hefty returns. There are a whole host of different options to choose from if you are a first time home buyer looking for apartments in Islamabad, the market has never been as favorable as it is today.

However commercial property always gives higher returns. If you are looking for shops for sale in Pakistan, you can look forward to good profits and rental yields just by holding the property for a few years. If you need shops for sale in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi there are numerous projects being developed by well-known conglomerates such as the D mall in Islamabad and Goldcrest mall in DHA Lahore.