Luxury Apartments in Islamabad

Luxury Apartments in Islamabad

The population rose at a high rate in Islamabad because of urban sprawl mainly. In order to get better living standards, people from adjoining areas have moved to the main city. As an outcome, real estate development increased quite a lot. Consequently, the house and land costs also increased overall. Hence, making it pretty difficult for a person to buy a house.

So in this arena, the apartment trend prevailed in Islamabad like in many other cities such as Karachi and Lahore. People began to recommend apartments and flat rather than purchasing their own full-fledged houses. In fact, many residential apartments are being constructed in the city.

Luxury Lifestyle Residential Projects In Islamabad

Below are Giga Group’s projects that offer a luxury lifestyle to the residents:

  1. Goldcrest Views (Booking Open & Construction Work In Full Swing)
  2. Goldcrest Highlife (Booking Closed & Construction Work In Final Phase)
  3. Goldcrest Vacation Homes (Booking Open & Construction Work In Progress)
  4. Central Palace Residence (Booking Open & Construction Work In Progress)
  5. Defence Executive Apartments (Delivered and Completed)
  6. Lignum Tower (Delivered & Completed)
  7. Defence Residency (Delivered & Completed)

The trend of purchasing luxury apartments has increased by nearly eight to ten percent in Pakistan in the last decade, mainly due to the growing demand for well-maintained housing units, secure; it is therefore not surprising that between the years 2010 and 2016, apartment prices increased by 120 percent, while houses registered much slower progress, at around 80 percent.

Though with the fast urban sprawl, cities have become overcrowded, land prices are rising up, and the flat living trend is quickly gaining traction in these cities as well. In fact, in the last six years alone, the demand for flats has gone up by nearly thirty-five percent, which has given rise to a growing number of newly constructed luxury apartments in Islamabad and Lahore.

Benefits of Living in Luxury Apartments in Islamabad

Superb Facilities

When you start shifting to a luxury apartment, you can highly expect those common areas will be posh. This applies to both the interior and exterior of the high-rise building. The landscaping will be taken care of by experts, so you can count on it looking fabulous without any effort of your own. Luxury apartment homes give responsive service, assuring that you don’t face any issues.

Perks and Accommodations

A luxury apartment gives much more than just a place to live. You will also get access to great perks like theater rooms, pools, spas, and gyms. These amenities give you loads of options that enable you to rest, entertain, and escape right at home.

Great Views

Islamabad is a beautiful city with an amazing view of Margalla hills, and your apartment should capitalize on that. Luxury apartments in Islamabad are thoughtfully created to give homeowners the best view of their surroundings. Your room might have huge windows or even a balcony where you can sit and soak in the sights. You will love waking up to a beautiful sunrise, and your guests or friends will be blown away when they visit your humble place.


When you reside in a luxury apartment, you are surrounded by neighbors who love where they live. You will share a feeling of community with your neighbors who care about the complex just as much as you do.

Moreover, having an apartment comes with a set of benefits like experiencing the community and living with a neighbor right across the hall.

Nonetheless, luxurious flats are available for sale and rent, also with loads of amenities.