Luxury Homes in Pakistan

Luxury Homes in Pakistan

The essence of a home that is luxurious is not just it being a well-appointed home. A luxurious home design would be one whose facilities allow the proprietor to feel lavished upon. Think extravagance, think royalty, think extreme opulence.

Luxury homes are all about lifestyle, and in the past few years, high-end homes have stepped up to offer customers more than ever before. Facilities that were once considered an extravagance have become standard and have forced homeowners and builders to take luxury facilities to the next level.

In past, luxury meant lavish homes with expensive furnishings and modern luxurious amenities. Today, the luxury list includes ‘smart homes’ with not just high-end amenities but also technologically evolved security 24/7. With the rise in technological advancement, luxury buyers want to improve their lifestyles. They don’t just want a fancy home address.  They want more, and they are not ready to compromise.

Luxury Homes consist of branded interiors, concierge services, hotels, and sometimes even in-house Jacuzzis and spas; luxury living is reaching new heights today. Gardens turned into a natural ecosystem; kitchens loaded with the latest appliances, pools, and entertainment zones, estate agents are putting together everything to match up with the demand of the ever-evolving luxury consumer base and thus, giving the luxury housing market a boost. Hence, Luxury buyers are looking for a special touch and unique feature that sets a home apart from all the rest.

Luxury Homes in Islamabad Pakistan

Today in Pakistan, living concepts and real estate investment are changing rapidly. This is due to the construction of high-rise luxury, residential, and commercial buildings with the latest modern infrastructure. In addition, increasing taxes and building materials have pushed many investors to buy luxury apartments instead of housing and plots. Apartment buildings offer residents and investors a variety of prospects like certain rent, high return on investment, and many other services. Because these high-rise buildings are usually located in a prime location, where access to other destinations is easier, another factor is luxury apartments provide security, and safety, and are environment-friendly.

Regarding the value of luxury homes, it is clear that sellers would want to get things right. These homes are significant investments, often worth millions and millions of dollars. There are fewer luxury homes and apartments out there, which makes it significant that the dealer puts a positive image of the home.

Moreover, there’s no place like home. Many ex-pat Pakistanis love visiting their home country to meet friends and families, but at times they may not have a proper place to stay, requiring them to cut short their vacation or visit. So, if you visit Pakistan frequently and are tired of having to stay with relatives or at a hotel every time, maybe it’s time to get a place where you can be at comfort.

Luxury Apartments

Luxury apartments are definitely making an impact on the buying patterns of a particular class of buyers. The reason for a change is that people belonging to this level of society have had an experience with the best living standards, and they don’t mind paying a hefty amount of sum to be able to get them.

The buildings consist of beautiful lobbies filled with fresh flowers and a well-suited doorman. It’s a very stress-less lifestyle. The majority of the buildings offer mind-blowing views of the city so that you’re psychologically and physically above it all.

Other amenities include massage rooms with spas, swimming pools, nail services, and fitness services. If you don’t want to leave your comfy sofa, then you can have your manicure and pedicure in your own apartment. Most luxury apartments also feature radiant floor heating and state-of-the-art kitchens. The buildings also provide party rooms so you can entertain guests in your building but outside of your apartment.

However, take an example of apartments in Islamabad, including Al-Ghurair Giga Projects such as Defence Tower, Defence Tower II, Defence Executive, El Cielo, El Cielo prime, etc. have luxury apartments comprising of 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms giving the best view. Following are some luxury apartments of AL Ghurair Giga:

Defence Tower

Defence Tower is being built using the latest technology and experienced workforce. If you are looking for apartments for sale in Islamabad, then you do not need to look any further for your ideal family residence. The residential tower is based in a safe community for you to raise your family surrounded by lush green spaces. It is one of several residential buildings in the area. The entire compound is located in DHA Islamabad, which is under the protection of the Pakistani military and is thus very secure. Giving attention to every detail and day-to-day requirements of customers, these apartments have 1, 2, and 3 Bedrooms. It has some of the most elegant luxury apartments with beautiful interiors and cozy bedrooms and bathrooms that any project in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi will witness.

El Cielo and El Cielo Prime Apartments

El Cielo is a luxury residential development with a wonderful view from all floors and the buildings are located in DHA II, Islamabad. It is an under-construction project with a total of 320 apartments in two buildings with over 12 floors each, including 2 parking floors. This prime residential development is all set to complete over the next couple of years. There are three categories of apartments including premium, premium plus, and executive apartments of varying sizes but unmatched luxury. This project aims to continue the Giga legacy of luxury, security, and class. This project includes apartments of all sizes from studio apartments all the way up to penthouse apartments.

Lignum Tower

Lignum Tower is located in Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Phase II, which has been planned to provide all the latest facilities like underground power and telephone cabling, broad streets with efficient drainage and sewage system, and a direct link to the motorway, which cuts down the commute time. Making your living more modern, refined, and sophisticated, these apartments are designed to present a sense of living in the lap of luxury. Also, each apartment is equipped with a spacious dining room, an ultra-modern kitchen, large and airy bedrooms with built-in closets, and lavishly fitted bathrooms.