Some Tips to Make a Rented Property Feel Like Home

Some Tips to Make a Rented Property Feel Like Home

For those who like changing the theme and setting of their house more frequently, living in a rental space might not be a perfect thing for them. For renters, the worry of losing the security deposit makes them compromise over a lot of things they do not like. It can be many things like unnecessary mirrors, could be cabinets, and the daunting color theme of the house– they have to adjust and compromise on lots of things. So, the following are some of the top tips to make a rented property feel like home.

Paint the Walls

Almost everyone wants to give a personal touch to their house, and the first thing they do is change the color theme and decorate the walls with a nice fresh coat of paint. Though abiding in a rental space and renovating the walls is a bit different. So, now you absolutely need to think outside of the box if your owner does not allow you to paint the walls.

In the market, many latest trends are circling, such as wall stickers are becoming an increasingly popular choice, and they have been considered the safest option to play with the color scheme of a house. Just make sure that you properly check the packaging and go with wholly removable stickers. To remain on the safe side, you can even test it out before applying it to the whole wall.

Layering the House

Hanging frames, decorative pieces, and paintings of your favorite artwork are some of the few simple ideas to personalize your living space, but things are quite different for renters. Though, most landowners specify that doors or walls of the house should not be damaged by screws or nails.

Add Some Life with Plants

Having faux plants or live plants in your rental can make it feel like home. Plants tend to liven up the area and provide the space a comforting feel. Visit your local plant nursery for seasonal sales to find some lovely hanging or potted plants. Some good places to put greenery are the living room, tables, window sills, hanging in the kitchen, or other bright areas of your home. There are also some plants that will thrive indoors, giving a nice colorful look to your living space.

Be smart with Lightning

Another exceptional way to make a rental property more homely is to play around with lights. For a fact, we all know that the right application of lights can transform the way space feels. Whether you rent or buy, it can light up the saddest parts in your house or sadden the most happening area. It does not matter if your landowner does not permit you to mess with the electrical connection, you can always replace bulbs, use artificial candles, or even chandeliers to make variety and create an appealing ambiance.

While chandeliers and bulbs might be a little hard to pack during your move-out process, you can opt for lamps to improve the interior of the house.

Pay Attention to the Bathroom

Besides the bedroom, the bathroom of your home tells a lot about your taste and your hygiene habits. It may be a little hard to fully renovate the Bathroom in a rented space since you are not allowed to change the flooring or the paint color – it does not mean that you cannot personalize it.

You can keep a few indoor plants or hang them if there is not sufficient space. You can also change the curtains and add a little texture to the bathroom door. Keep it clean and maintain it by adding good-looking shelves, bath mats, and some towels.