Smart Ways to Make Your House Look More Organized

Smart Ways to Make Your House Look More Organized

Cleaning up your house can be a tiresome task, but it is one that has to be done. Many people end up collecting a number of odds and ends at the house, and decluttering the place can then be quite a challenge. Though, what if you could make your home seem more organized and presentable than it really is? The trick to organizing your house is not about cleaning up the mess daily, but rather about hiding it away until you got the time to sort it out.

The following are some smart tricks to organize your house so that you can make your place appear cleaner than it actually is without putting in a lot of extra effort.

Sort those cables with a toilet paper tube

From charging ports of cellphone devices to connections for your LED and gaming console, the technological age has brought a tangle of wires with it. One way to overcome this is to use toilet paper tubes. For cables that are in storage within a drawer, you can roll every coil of wire and fit into a single tube.

Those wires that are hanging haphazardly behind your LED cabinet or self-cut a notch of one inch on the toilet paper tubes and punch a hole at the end of the groove. You can create various notches on one tube and then fit your wires through it. The tube can now cover all the excess wiring without ruining your interior’s look. You can also paint the tubes to match your cabinet or wall paint to make it less visible to the onlooker.

An old pill bottle for small collectibles

Stray safety pins, broken buttons, lost screws, and a range of other little items find their way into the house. Throwing them into a random drawer is always a choice. However, a swift trick to organizing your home is to store all items in a small pill bottle. You can wash it properly. From stray collectibles to small pieces of jewelry, there is a lot that can be stored in small boxes and bottles that you find lying around the home.

Pin those open bags with a rubber band

Once you open bags of chips, biscuits, or any other edibles, it not only loses its freshness but can also produce a mess if they tumble open onto the floor. To avoid this, use a rubber band to tie it up at the opened end so that the food is sealed in tight.

Organize your cleaning supplies in a plastic basket

The cabinets under the kitchen sink remains a standard spot for storing cleaning supplies in most houses. Though, the sight of a range of cleaning agents, sponges, and other related supplies is not a pleasant one, particularly for tidy homeowners. If you want to avoid the dirty look, purchase a tall and vast plastic basket to accommodate your cleaning arsenal.

Hang it up

Hooks are always lifesavers when there is a lack of storage space. From buckets and brooms to old clothes and empty plastic bags, if your storeroom looks full and out of order, stick up hooks on a wall and clear up everything that you can hang easily. Once this problem is out of the way, you will have a clearer space to organize efficiently.

Divide cluttered drawers

We all have dirty drawers that we are embarrassed to open in front of a guest. Want to make it look organized? Divide your drawer into sections using small plastic baskets or boxes or pieces of cardboard. Then dedicate one basket or box for every type of item kept in the drawer. With this trick, the basket may be a mess, but the overall look of the drawer will be neat and organized, with items stored separately as per their type.

Make use of a laundry basket

Regardless of whether you wash the clothes each day or every alternate day, the best choice to piling dirty clothes on the floor is to opt for a basket with a lid that can hold your clothes. This will take them out of sight and limit them from affecting the beauty and neatness of your interior decor.

Listed above are just a few of the several little tricks to organize your house, which can make it appear neater so that you can entertain your guests without worrying about the mess.