Why Should One Invest in DHA Islamabad?

Why Should One Invest in DHA Islamabad?

DHA Islamabad

DHA Islamabad is an excellent opportunity for all those looking for Investing in the property business. As property business has been on the rise for some time now and still going great. It’s an opportunity for all those who want to invest in DHA Rawalpindi and DHA Islamabad.

DHA Valley Islamabad is a housing project initiated by Defence Housing Authority in Islamabad, just next to DHA Phase 2 Extension on Islamabad Highway. The society connects with Islamabad Expressway through a six-lane DHA Expressway that covers all significant phases of DHA Islamabad. DHA Valley Islamabad has plots ranging from 5 Marla and 8 Marla for PKR 6.50 Lac and PKR 8.80 Lac, respectively.

DHA Homes contains more than 2000 houses, of which more than 500 homes. Many more grey structures are currently in the finishing process.

Different Sectors

DHA Islamabad consists of various sectors DHA Overseas blocks, DHA Homes, and DHA Commercial Avenue.

DHA Overseas block is for the overseas Pakistanis. Plots are available for booking by overseas Pakistanis, and payment is made in Dollars. This is helping not only the national Real Estate business by bringing in investment from overseas Pakistanis but also assisting in becoming a great pillar in the country’s economy.

Similarly, the DHA Homes sector was an idea to make locals and foreign nationals invest in. This sector has plots in a range of 5 Marla and 8 Marla. they offer 5 Marla plots at the rate of 22.99 Lac Rupees, whereas 8 Marla plots are at 41.99 lac rupees with a quarterly installment payment plan. This opens an excellent opportunity for all the locals to invest in DHA Islamabad.

The DHA Commercial Avenue is for all those investors who are looking for buying a commercial property ranging from 5 Marla and 8 Marla plots, which are available at 20 Lac and 40 lac rupees.

Advantages of Investing

DHA Islamabad provides a platform for all those looking to invest in the Property business. It has been significantly received by all investors as it will be offering a great living atmosphere for all its residents. Price ranges are low at this stage as DHA Islamabad is in the early development stages. We expect that the price will shoot up to double or triple the original amount as the business starts to gain flow.

So, it’s a perfect time for investment, whether you want in DHA Overseas block, DHA Homes, or DHA Commercial Avenue. It does not just provide an opportunity for all who are looking to buy a property and live here, but also for those looking to buy the property and sell later when property prices are high. A lot of foreigners have already used this great opportunity and are continuing to do so, which, as a result, is a great mark of success for this venture. So all those who are looking to invest look no further and avail this platform for a great future.