Pakistan Real Estate Investment: Pros and Cons

Pakistan Real Estate Investment: Pros and Cons

Pakistan’s Real estate sector has become stable in the previous few years. We have observed many remarkable developments, including residential and commercial. The living standards of people have changed quite a lot. New modes of living with quality have been introduced to people with the establishment of numerous projects. They all contribute significantly to the success and growth of the market of Pakistan real estate.

This blog talks about the pros and cons of Pakistan’s real estate sector and is as follows:

Pros of Investing in Real Estate

  1. Cash Flow & Capital Appreciation

In the real estate business, you get a crack at two things involved in the holy grail of investing that is capital appreciation and cash flow. You can invest in properties that will instantly improve your cash flow, but provide sufficient opportunity for equity appreciation due to market dynamics, economic development, etc. Probably this is the most important advantage of real estate. There are barely a handful of asset classes that can give you both genuine wealth appreciation and cash flow yield.

Real estate requires regular repairs, and houses can diminish in value. Although you are investing in an asset with an indefinite amount and life, other asset types usually have a short project life, like renewable energy, machinery, etc. But always remember, real estate and land are forever.

  1. You Generate Passive Income

Probably the best thing about real estate investing is the possibility to generate passive income. What could be better than going to bed at night knowing that your rental property is making enough money on your behalf even while you sleep? Furthermore, when you advance to the next level in real estate purchase and invest more in rental properties, their rental or monthly income can cover all the costs and leave you with a pretty pleasant positive cash flow. This is the profit that you generated passively. Passive income generation can be useful for you in the long term. You can make your retirement time financially secure with regular rental income from your investment properties.

  1. You Have Complete Control

Generally, you have complete control over the real estate you invest in. You are the one in charge. That can be a downside or an upside; of course, it depends entirely on how sound you are in the real estate market. You have the authority to negotiate any risk into the purchase of the asset, you conduct your due diligence (with the help of advisors and contractors, of course) and you model out the financial returns.

Cons of Investing in Real Estate

  1. General Market Risk

All markets face ups and downs tied to inflation, the economy, interest rates, or other market trends in the country. Investors can not eliminate market shocks, but they can safeguard their bets against booms and busts with an expanded portfolio and strategy based on general market conditions.

  1. Liquidity Risk

Liquidity risk relates to when and whether the investment can be “cashed out” in the longer run. Real estate is basically an illiquid asset; it is not always readily saleable. If the economy is undergoing a declining time, financing sources may dry up to a significant extent, lessening the pool of potential buyers to those who do not require conventional financing. It is thus sometimes hard to sell a property quickly without really discounting the price below fair market value.

  1. Economic Factor

The general health of an economy is another significant factor that affects the value of the real estate. The state of the economy is measured by economic indicators such as the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the prices of goods in the market, employment opportunities, levels of manufacturing activity, etc. Pakistan’s economy is heading toward stability at the moment; the same can be foreseen for the real estate sector if the situation pursues for a long time. Many top-class developments and projects have already been completed, while many are still under construction. 2020 is here with even more advanced options for growth in every sector. Why not in the economic and financial status? Of course, this sect has grown very prominently and will increase even more in the years to come.

The value and the economic status of residential as well as commercial properties will grow with more advanced ways and quality. It will be beneficial for both the property sellers and buyers. Those who already own properties in good investment hubs will be able to earn even more profit from this.

Pakistan Real Estate

Despite having more difficulties than favorable factors, it can be safely declared that the real estate market in Pakistan has not gained its true potential as yet. Overall economies greatly influence real estate markets. When the economy is growing, the real estate demand goes up, which draws more investment into the market. At the current time, Pakistan has lots of untapped promising potential, and the real estate market will increase as soon as positive developments are seen in the overall economy. But this can only be promised through the endless efforts of both the private sector and the government of Pakistan.

The Rise of Foreign Investments

In the year 2018, there were multiple projects held with the collaboration of international companies. In Pakistan, foreigners are investing because of its potential attractiveness, which is expected to become higher in the coming years. With the improvement in the standing of our country on an international level, foreign investors are showing interest in many sectors.

Amongst all sectors, the most active and popular sectors gaining attention from foreign investment are sports, tourism, and real estate. We foresee more foreign concerns in the Pakistan market in the year 2020, through which real estate will become more transparent and bright. The trend of foreign investment and involvement will add significantly to the success of Pakistan’s real estate at a substantial level. Property investment in Pakistan will see a boom in the upcoming years.


All this makes modern clients and investors more excited to invest in the years to come at a significant level. Not only for recent and initial property buyers, but it is also bringing a list of vast golden opportunities for those who have already invested. Get yourself well prepared to discover all those. Real estate in Pakistan is becoming the most prominent market in the coming time. Now is the time to invest in Pakistan if you are seeking more significant returns.