Best Places to Invest in Pakistan Real Estate

Best Places to Invest in Pakistan Real Estate

Pakistan real estate attracts business people from all over the world. It took people several years to accurately understand the concept of real estate because it’s not as easy as it sounds. Still, the most challenging part is to spend more practice and time understanding the concepts of real estate, and this demands approximately more than seven hours a day. This level of regularity will eventually make a person an expert in this domain. For instance, Malcolm Gladwell said that it almost takes 11,000 hours to practice in this field. It cannot be done by just exploring and watching the apartments, houses, and buildings, but there is more detail in it that one needs to learn.

Pakistan Real Estate Opportunities

People in business always discover new methods to learn and apply them to be successful in Real estate. While in Pakistan, there are global and economic challenges, significant investments are quite risky. It is always very intriguing to enjoy sustainability and profitability in business by creating huge investments, but they are sometimes risky, especially when the market is uncertain. In such conditions, even small investments in buildings and lands should be made with precautions. Many real estate agencies’ investments are based on huge mortgages and loans. So there should be an investment plan in this case.

Real Estate Investments

When it comes to investments in Real estate, it is diverse, and it means that it can be in all sizes and shapes. If you are considering investments, then there are hidden opportunities. It is essential to understand the aims of the investments and their ultimate purposes. No one wants to invest directly into something without having information about the objectives of their investments. The same reason is for real estate investments where individuals decide their goals, make an investment plan, and then put their money.

Pakistan’s real estate is witnessing steady growth as the country copes with a lack of city planning and essential facilities that ensure living quality. Well-planned and systematically organized housing societies catering to the need of predominantly the upper-middle class are quickly rushing in to fill the wide.

Pakistan’s real estate business has the potential to largely contribute to the national bank as well as to the broader economy.

Al-Ghurair Giga

In a world of opportunities, Al Ghurair Giga Pakistan (Private) Ltd (AGGPPL) holds its self-responsible for the delivery of exceptional and farsighted projects. AGGPL focal point is on creating and enhancing the places that people live, work and play in by understanding the varying requirements of societies as they move into the future and hence delivering sustainable developments of distinction within budget and on time.

Al-Ghurair Giga is the future real estate business of Pakistan. Al-Ghurair has built many considerable projects in Islamabad, such as Giga Mall, D Mall, Lignum Tower, Defence Tower, El Cielo, and many more. The following are some of its projects.

 Giga Mall-World Trade Center

Giga Mall is one of the successful projects of Al Ghurair Giga. It comprises of 200 plus local and international brands. Since opening its doors in 2016, Giga Mall Islamabad has revolutionized the shopping experience of millions of visitors a year. A leader in entertainment, retail, and attractions, Giga Mall, is one of the top tourist destinations across the country and is known around the world. Giga Mall Islamabad is an award-winning, iconic, premier shopping destination fulfilling all your explicit and customized indulgences. It offers an exceptional retail mix combined with world-class entertainment and leisure attractions. People from all over the country and especially from twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi, flock towards Giga Mall.

Giga Mall Islamabad is strategically and ideally located at Defence Housing Authority Islamabad Phase II, facing the ancient Mughal trading route – The Grand Trunk Road (G.T.Road). It is the most prominent landmark development in the form of an eye-catching structure that will surely be the talk of the town. It will offer a blend of intuitive services and blissful pampering, Royal Style.

The vision of Giga Mall incorporates not just a mall, but a building that will also act as a business hub, while offering world-class facilities like corporate offices, a pool, a gym, a 5-star hotel, etc. This iconic development will play a significant role in Pakistan’s corporate sector and will add substantial value to economic growth, tourism, FDI, and Foreign trade. It will be a catalyst for exploring new foreign trade opportunities as well as expanding local and national businesses in the best working atmosphere that Islamabad has ever seen and in a setting previously unimaginable.


Introducing Pakistan’s first-of-its-kind indoor water park, with swerving water slides and an array of fun-filled water-based attractions, the Water Park at D Mall is the ideal place for your kids to enjoy while you shop at your leisure. Even more so in the summers, when the water park becomes the perfect place to beat the heat. It has something for everyone, play areas for kids, a water park for family fun, and a food court for all foodies to eat to their hearts’ delight. The D Mall is a state-of-the-art luxury mall where you can splurge, eat, and enjoy with your family in a comfortable and friendly environment. Every day, every season is shopping season at D Mall. Right next to Giga Mall and was developed by Giga. Expect nothing but the best.

However, this is an excellent time for construction companies to think more profoundly about how to become more efficient. This is especially true because the new generation of workers is comfortable with technology, and because of the strong economy, Pakistan real estate offers great growth potential.