Penthouse Apartment

Penthouse Apartment

It’s the apex of exclusivity, the one percenter of luxury real estate. The appeal of the luxury penthouse is apparent – it sits above the rest, leading the best facilities, the best views, and the highest prices. With rapid urbanization across the country, penthouses have become a universal symbol of status.

People who like to live sky-high would usually look for a penthouse across the country. They are outstandingly designed apartments constructed on the top floor of a building. Often, a luxury penthouse is separated from the other apartments in a building because of its luxurious features. The space between the outer walls and penthouse acts as a terrace with sky views. In some cases, the penthouse apartment has two or maybe more than two levels, often referred to as a duplex, triplex, etc. The inclusion of luxurious amenities like swimming pools, a private terrace, larger windows, areas, and elevators that directly open into your apartment make a living in a luxury penthouse an incredibly unique experience.

The Trend of Luxury Penthouses in Pakistan

The course of living in penthouse continues to grow in Pakistan and has been taken up by Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore. Besides, the property trends for investment in Pakistan has drastically changed since the previous years and shifted towards buying apartments, luxury penthouse apartment, and high rise buildings. The latest survey conducted within Pakistan revealed appalling results that showed above 50% of local investors and expats are interested in buying designer apartments and multi-story units rather than farmhouses and commercial plots. For instance, take an example of apartments in Islamabad, including Al-Ghurair Giga Projects like Lignum Tower, Defence TowerDefence Tower II, Defence Executive, etc. have luxury penthouse apartments giving the best scenery ever.

Lately, investor trust has increased in the property market concerning the successful delivery of real estate projects by credible developers, and the gap that was existing in the property industry before it is gradually covering. Nowadays, to accommodate the demand, business people are investing more and more on apartments, luxury penthouse apartments all over the country.

The Abundance of Natural Sun Light

As luxury penthouse apartments are constructed on rooftops that they get plenty of sunshine throughout the day. The architectural design of a penthouse mostly contains room for extensive terraces and large-sized windows. This is one of the reasons most penthouse apartments receive a lot of natural sunlight, making your living space pleasantly bright. However, one can always use blinds, curtains, or other types of furnishings to cover up the windows and restrain too much light.

Size and Location of the Penthouse

Occupying a spacious and lavish residential unit that is built on the roof of an apartment building in the heart of the city is what many people desire. While living in a luxury penthouse, people can enjoy the perks of living in an apartment and a house, both at the same time. It does not only feature a secure environment with community living, but it also lets you enjoy suitable lifestyle privacy just like a house and with more space. All these praiseworthy characteristics of a penthouse apartment are mainly due to its bigger size and unique location.

Luxury Penthouses afford privacy

The most satisfying part about living on the top floor is that one gets to enjoy full privacy. A luxury penthouse, being right on the top floor, is more exclusive and quiet. In particular, it is better than living on the first floor or ground of your own house. One can easily open windows without worrying about creepy neighbors.

Luxury Penthouse Apartment lifestyle

Living on the top floor gives itself to a luxurious lifestyle. Penthouses usually boast of high-spec services, high-end appliances, finest fittings, luxurious flooring systems, and modern furnishings. They can have a private entrance, a swimming pool, a fireplace, higher ceilings, terrace gardens, Jacuzzis, and over-sized windows, and so on.


Living in a rooftop penthouse is the best solution to combine the quality of life with modern-day life. No matter where in the world, the luxury penthouse will always be considered as crème de la crème of real estate.