Seven Ways to Protect Your New House

Seven Ways to Protect Your New House

Buying and moving into a new house is an exciting milestone for you and your family. Homeownership is one of the best investment opportunities, so you want to make sure you are doing everything you can to protect it. To help, we have put together the following list of protection tips for your new house. Use this list to assure that your house protection is at its best.

1. Get to know your Neighbors

This is naturally one of those things you just do when you move into a new house, but have you ever thought of getting to know your neighbors as a safety precaution? A great way to protect your house from a break-in and ward off possible burglars is to have more eyes watching over your place. Get to know your neighbors and create an understanding so you can look after each other’s houses, which can be particularly important when you go on a vacation or a trip for an extended period of time.

2. Secure your Doors

Ensure your doors are secure and properly locked. This means assuring all of your exterior doors have protected hinges, strong frames, and a mail slot thin enough to deter anyone from reaching inside. You can add security measures to your door, such as a strike plate, deadbolt, or even update it to a video doorbell or a smart lock. These smart house security features will allow you to secure and monitor your place from wherever you are!

3. Lock your Windows

Windows must be working properly, which means their latch or hook should be able to close. Sadly, flimsy latches are not effective measures against break-ins, so if you find that yours are lacking, then it is time to update or replace these latches. You can also strengthen your glass with window security film, install window or glass break sensors, or windows that do not open beyond six inches. Using blinds is another common way to keep unwanted eyes from seeing into your house and surveying your possessions.

4. Lighting

Well-placed lights outside of your house can sometimes be sufficient to discourage burglars. Operating under cover of darkness is a must for burglars, and when you take this cover away, they will go to easier targets. You can install motion-activated lighting that switches on when anyone walks near the light. If you go on a business trip or a vacation or are away from the house for a more extended time period, setting the lights on timers can provide the impression that you are still home. Be sure any lighting is installed correctly, so it is sort of a deterrent to potential burglars and not an aid.

5. Lock up the Garage

The garage is becoming a more common access point for criminals because even if they cannot access your house, you are likely to have lots of useful items in the garage. You must make sure all doors to your garage are adequately locked at all times. You can also consider covering all your garage windows so no one can peek in, securing your garage doors with more locks or even installing a smart garage door opener is a smart choice.

6. Get a dog

Aside from being a wonderful companion and bringing lots of joy, a dog can act as an excellent security measure because they will bark when someone comes to the door or if someone enters your place. Depending on the dog type, their presence alone might be enough to deter a potential burglar.

7. Install a Security System

Naturally, the best and most comprehensive way to protect a house is to install a home security system. This can be a primary DIY system or a top-of-the-line smart security system with home automation and professional monitoring. It’s up to you to decide which facilities you want to go to, as there are many options available. So, being on the safe side, everyone must opt for a home security system.