Shop for Rent in Islamabad

Shop for Rent in Islamabad

Shopping Mall Business Thriving in Pakistan

In Pakistan, we can witness an increasing number of shopping malls thriving all over large cities. They are creating possibilities not only for large retailers but also for the smaller ones, who previously were doing business in traditional, small profitable ways. Customers who previously visited often open markets now go to malls for a one-stop shopping experience.

Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad have a large number of malls that fulfill all clothing requirements under one roof. This makes it quite easy and accessible for customers to find all they require in one place. People previously used to go to dislocated shopping centers and open markets for their clothing needs, such shopping districts rarely housed branded goods and offered limited choices for customers as far as quality was concerned.

Shop for Rent in Islamabad

Islamabad is known as one of the most beautiful capitals around the globe. It is known for the high-standard & elite lifestyle of its residents. Besides, natural beauty, along with serenity, is another positive point of this city. In the past few decades, Islamabad has experienced a lot of population influx.

As a result, many commercial projects and housing schemes have started to maintain the overall cycle of life. Individuals from far away & less developed areas have moved to the Capital to enjoy the perks and a better living standard. Though, several commercial centers have also opened to entertain this influx of population. The following shopping malls offer shops for rent with the best offers.

Giga Mall

Located in the heart of the twin cities, on the main GT road, Giga mall is one of the most visited and cherished public malls. Anyone visiting Rawalpindi or Islamabad stops by Giga Mall for its amazing attractions.

Visit Giga Mall Islamabad for a fun shopping trip with family or watch movies at Giga Mall Cineplex and explore over 200+ national and international brands. The Mall has revolutionized the shopping experience of millions of visitors a year. A leader in entertainment, retail, and attractions, it is one of the top tourist destinations across the country.

Giga Mall has managed to keep twin cities (Islamabad and Rawalpindi) adrenaline levels up and running. It further continues to astonish its visitors with surprise sales promotions, activities, and events. From food courts, and handmade article shops to fashion and fun activity stops, Giga Mall has it all.

Blue Area

Blue Area is the central business district of Islamabad and one of the busiest commercial hubs of Pakistan. Wide, clean roads and huge buildings are characteristic features of the Blue Area in Islamabad. You will find a lot of commercial buildings, shopping centers, and towering plazas in the area.

Shop for Rent in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is one of the twin cities situated in the Punjab province. The fact that Rawalpindi is the 4th largest metropolitan area makes it way more attractive to foreign tourists who conduct surveys based on the population count. Rawalpindi is famous for its fantastic culture and the civil society of people. The famous city of Punjab has several attractions and a great passion for the hospitality of tourists. The clear, clean roads and standardized commercial areas make Rawalpindi a suitable location for multiple local vendors and businesses. Rawalpindi has some marvelous gigantic malls and shopping places where you can find anything.

With the best prices, high-quality products, and various shops available throughout Rawalpindi, the city is a major attraction for tourists and locals. Besides, Government also has a large commercial property for building shopping centers and mini-marts. This is where people can not only purchase stuff but also have food courts and other entertainment attractions inside the malls so that people can enjoy it at their level of comfort.

On the other hand, many commercial projects are available in the area as well. The main aim is to sate the utility and shopping demands of the citizens. In the past few decades, Rawalpindi has witnessed significant developments in the commercial arena. In the interim, every upcoming project is different and innovative in all regards. Themed malls, along with the latest facilities, is becoming a significant trend in the commercial venture market. The following shopping malls offer shops for rent at the best prices. Here are the top shopping malls and places in Rawalpindi, that you should visit.

D Mall

Introducing Islamabad’s first-of-its-kind indoor water park, with swerving water slides and an array of fun-filled water-based attractions, the Water Park at D Mall is the ideal place for your kids to enjoy while you shop at your leisure. This advanced and latest commercial venture is a project of Al-Ghurair Giga. It will feature thousands of local and global brands.

It lies in the heart of GT Road, DHA Phase-2,  adjacent to Giga Mall. Six floors have reservations for commercial purposes. It consists of local and international brands in roomy and spacious retail shops. Moreover, famous and popular cafes, children’s Play Areas, and other recreational and entertainment spots will provide visitors with a fun-filled experience.

Amazon Mall

Amazon Mall is a remarkable grand commercial project. It’s a pioneer of theme malls in Pakistan. It is based on the Rainforest Theme. It’s believed to be a paradise for fun-loving and adventurous shopaholics.

Located on the outskirt of DHA Phase-2 Gate 1, it’s a masterpiece of state-of-the-art architecture and modern engineering technology. It’s accessible from Grand Trunk Road, thus making it present in high-profile commercial areas. Amazon Mall is offering a unique indoor shopping experience along with world-class brands, hypermarkets, wellness clubs, kids’ play areas, rooftop restaurants, and business complexes.

The Aquatic Mall

The Aquatic Mall is one of the first marine-themed mixed-used residential and commercial ventures. It is setting the bar high for future developments. It would be Pakistan’s tallest aquarium shopping mall.

It’s facing Giga Mall in DHA Phase-2. As located in the vicinity of DHA, it’s considered to be ideal for investment. Aquatic Mall presents shopping malls, a food court, corporate offices, a children’s play area, a water-theme Park, serviced apartments, a cinema, a pool, and much more under a single roof. It must be remembered that the marine ambiance would accompany all of these.