Some Common Mistakes to Avoid When Relocating

Some Common Mistakes to Avoid When Relocating

If you have finally taken a leap of faith and become a landlord in Pakistan, you are all ready to move into your new house and breathe a sigh of relief with your family. Though, before you move in, remember that there is a lot that goes into making a move successful. Even the smallest of mistakes while moving houses can cause extra charges and untimely delays. The following are some of the common mistakes to avoid when relocating or shifting your house.

Leaving the Packing for the Last Day

It is one of the most common mistakes while moving houses. People think that packing is all about throwing things carelessly into boxes and loading them into a truck though the reality is far from it. No matter how few belongings you might own, give yourself at least a month or a minimum of three weeks to pack up everything in your existing residence so you can move out in an organized manner. The only items that you must pack on the last day are the essentials that you are using until moving day.

Overpacking the Boxes

A smart way for packing is to keep the small and medium-sized boxes for more substantial items and use the large boxes for the lighter load. This makes it entirely more comfortable to carry all individual boxes into the moving truck without damaging the goods inside.

Labeling the Boxes

Start labeling each box with a permanent marker as you tape it shut. This will help you stay organized and give you the ease of opening up only the box that you need. For instance, if you move out and you have not labeled your boxes, then it is going to be quite tough for you to find the things you are looking for, and you will waste a lot of that precious time searching for the right box with those required items.

Importance of one Box of Essentials

If you are moving all your bigger items a day or two in advance, you should get a smaller box for all the necessary elements that you will require until the moving day. This box must contain a spare change of clothes, essential medicines, some toiletries, chargers for your electronic devices, as well as silverware, a few plates, and glasses for the whole family. Moreover, this box will be your lifeline for the remaining days before the actual move.

Delaying the hiring of a truck driver

In general, truck drivers can be found quickly and with ease, but when you are planning everything about the move, it is smart not to leave this detail to chance. This is particularly important for time-sensitive moves, where you need to move out of a rental place on a particular day without fail. If you have heavy items for relocating you can hire a moving company to get their heavy items mobility in a safe and professional way. So, hire your truck driver well in advance and make sure you communicate on matters like costs of moving, timing, and other details beforehand.

Hiring the first truck driver

Remember not to hire the first truck driver that you find just because it is a lot less time-consuming and convenient. You will be trusting the van driver with all your belongings, so be confident that they are worthy of that trust. Take recommendations from your friends or family, particularly if they have moved houses recently. So, talk to your regularly hired help, as they might know of a neighbor or relative who has a truck and can work for you.

Furthermore, always have one family or friend member accompanying the truck driver to the new house address. It’s not just a safety precaution, but also to assure that the driver does not lose their way if they cannot find the home address.

Not following up with the truck driver on a moving day

While you might have hired the truck driver well in advance, it is always a great idea to take their contact number when you confirm the date and day of the move. Getting a direct number will allow you to call them up on a moving day to ensure they will reach your house on time as planned. You cannot afford to be left waiting for a truck that is not coming.

Furthermore, while some drivers might ask for partial payment at the time of booking, it is advised not to pay any driver in full before all your belongings have been successfully moved. If your driver is insistent upon being paid advance in full well before the move, you need to look for alternatives.

Lifting heavy furniture without an extra helping hand

Most of us hesitate at the idea of asking for support when all we want to move is a sofa or dining table set down a single set of stairs, but you know what? Get that help. Your family and your body will thank you for it.

Moving a home is not about showing how much weight you can lift singlehandedly. It is about making wise decisions that will help you maintain your strength for later when you have nobody to help you unpack. So, take the help you are getting and make the most of it. This help can come from the people you have hired or even from willing friends or family members who want to make a move more comfortable for you.

Not rechecking your belongings

Despite how trustworthy your truck driver and other workers might be, it is always a smart decision to keep a count on the number of boxes. This is particularly significant if you are making more than a trip, back and forth.

While many people will not try to misplace or steal a box during a move genuinely, it is a possibility. This is why you must always properly check all your packed boxes once the load has been delivered.

People often think that moving a house, while challenging, is still possible on one’s own without the need for expert help or advice. Though, if you want to assure a hassle-free moving experience, avoid the critical mistakes while moving houses that we have mentioned above. Happy Moving!