Your Essential Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Your Essential Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Ever wondered how necessary the summer home maintenance checklist is for your property’s well-being? Well, there are plenty of factors, and we are here to explain them to you.

Spring has already returned in some parts of Pakistan, and people are all geared up for summer with outdoor plans, and other such festivities of the season. In a few parts of the country, spring is normally coupled with summer. So, for many people, this means changing winter clothes with summer dresses and heaters with air-conditioners.

It goes without saying that we have improved our lifestyle with the season, and we keep ourselves physically and mentally prepared to adjust to the changing temperature. As such, your house is not any different either – it needs to be ready too! The following is our take on seasonal home maintenance with a checklist that you can use for both spring and summer in Pakistan.

Top things to include in your Spring/Summer home maintenance checklist

We know for a fact that owning a house is a big responsibility, particularly when it is about caring and keeping track of the required maintenance and due repairs. Timely house repairs and maintenance might not be a fun thing to do, but the list that we have prepared contains some of the most critical tasks for homeowners to make their abode summer-ready:

  • Deep Cleaning and Washing
  • Inspect Plumbing System
  • Get the Air-Conditioner Serviced
  • Watch-out For House Pests
  • House Outlook and Paint Check
  • Preparing the Garden

Deep Cleaning and Washing

The changing climate brings in dry and dusty air, which can grow in your house during winters when the windows are closed, and you are not taking on any in-depth cleaning projects in favor of being wrapped in a blanket. So, Wash the walls, windows, and doors of your house from both outside and inside. But, before you get to your job, here is what you should know:

  • Close the doors and windows of your house when you are cleaning the interior.
  • Clean the interiors with a damp cloth. Try to avoid splashing water unnecessarily.
  • A simple garden hose can easily do the job for the exterior.
  • Use non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products.

Inspect plumbing system

One of the significant things that you must add to your summer home maintenance checklist is checking the pipes and drainage system in your house. Give the plumbing system a good once-over by checking kitchen sinks and under the bathroom. Make sure there are no signs of seepages or leakages in your house.

Get the Air-Conditioner serviced

If you have wrapped the condensing unit of your air-conditioner in a plastic sheet, you need to take it off before the weather changes quickly. Check that your fans and cooling appliances are in working order and do not need any servicing. If they do, call the servicing company or repairman on a priority basis.

Watch-out for house pests

Houses are likely to get infected by pests, and there is no way you can change it. House pests can not only take a toll on your family members’ health, but they can also severely damage your property. Though, with the help of a seasonal home maintenance checklist, you can easily keep these critters at bay. That said, here are a few significant signs to be aware of:

  • Water leaks and clogged drains and water leaks can draw house pests.
  • Do not leave loose wood lying around the house.
  • Regularly clean the shelves and the objects placed on them.
  • Go on a deep cleaning mission by using a detergent and a damp cloth once a month.

House outlook and paint check

Survey your house thoroughly, both inside and outside. Check if any cracks need to be filled. Look up if the paint is in perfect condition and is not chipping off in an ugly way. Inspect the walls and roof for signs of loose or broken shingles. It is always best to fix such small repairs before they begin causing serious damage to your property and bringing its value down. It is best to do it yourself, but if you are not confident about it, call in the experts without any second thoughts.

Prepare the garden

You know spring is around the corner once your lawn has been washed, and the trees have begun to bud. Here’s what you can do while preparing your garden:

  • Trim rough and wildly growing bushes and trees before you go for cleaning
  • Clear off debris, including all the fallen leaves and broken branches with the help of a leaf blower or a fan.
  • Rake the grass, particularly the dry patches and thatch stuck on the ground if you want to cultivate new seeds