The Advantages of Residing Near a Commercial Area

The Advantages of Residing Near a Commercial Area

The real estate sector in Pakistan consists of three types. The most common ones are commercial, residential, and mixed-use real estate. Most residential buildings on major thoroughfares across the country are a mix of commercial and residential real estate. They have flats beginning from the 1st floor, after the mezzanine (M), and road-facing stores and shops located on the ground floor. Thus, being close to a commercial hub is quite a common occurrence for most Pakistanis for apartment living. Following are some of the core benefits of living near a commercial area.

Closeness to Shops

If you are counting the advantages of purchasing a home near a commercial area, this is one of the biggest ones. It doesn’t matter whether you reside in a big city with active nightlife like Islamabad or Karachi, or in a small town. Being near a commercial area means you have access to marts and convenience stores at the oddest of hours.

From small eateries to malls and branded restaurants, commercial centers provide you the possibility to leave your car parked at home. You can just walk to your market in a matter of minutes. Residing above a mall provides you with similar convenience. It allows you to take a trip to your favorite stores at any time during the day.

Better Facilities

The majority of commercial areas are well stocked with an array of shops. From barbers and beauty parlors to grocery stores, stationery stores, and pharmacies, there is a lot that can be located in a commercial area near a residential settlement. So, you do not need to go far to get the most desirable facilities. Whether you want to work out at a gym or crave a spa day, there will be loads of options available when you are living close to a commercial hub.

Easy Commute to Other Parts of the City

Mixed-use real estate is usually located close to public transport facilities. It enables you to catch a Metro in some cities and a bus or rickshaw in others. This means that your home is centrally located to assure an easy commute to all parts of the city. This isn’t always the case if you live in a totally residential community on the outskirts of town or within gated surroundings.

Return-On-Investment (ROI)

High property appreciation values can be assumed as one of the proven benefits of living near a commercial area. This is because there will be a demand for flats and homes found as close to the shops as possible. This results in better ROI when you consider selling the property. That’s why living close to a commercial hub is also an excellent investment opportunity in the long run, with commercial property prices being on the rise regularly.

Rental rates for flats or apartments in a commercial center will also always be more expensive because the proximity to facilities means added convenience for the tenants. Thus, flats and homes in commercial hubs can offer great rental prospects too.

Better Business Opportunities

If you own a store or shop, there can be nothing better than walking down the street to your workplace. Dwelling in a commercial area can enable you to run your business from a place or in your locality. You can do so without having to venture more into town, looking for business opportunities and work. Moreover, residing in a commercial area can also be helpful for retirees. Because they get a chance to interact socially with their neighbors and be quite active in their immediate surroundings. They can also find small tasks or odd jobs that might keep them busy during their day.

The same is true for all those people who work in salons, shops, and banks. If you are looking to work and live near a commercial hub, finding a job close to home becomes a high probability. This not only saves you cash on the daily commute but also keeps you near home in case of emergencies without facing long hectic traffic jams on the way.