The Ultimate Apartment Maintenance Checklist

The Ultimate Apartment Maintenance Checklist

Whether you own an apartment for investment purposes or residential, you will always want it to look as good as new. So that you can maintain its real estate value. Wear and tear can be a common occurrence in case you own a flat in an old apartment building. But, you can control it with minor repairs in time. Neglect, however, might lead to expensive repairs, no matter the size of your apartment. This can make the maintenance part for you even more exhausting and frustrating. Particularly if you do not know how to do it the right way. So, to assist you in this regard, we bring you the ultimate apartment maintenance checklist in this blog, which will allow you to breathe new life into your living space.

Inspect the Walls and Paint

Dampness and wet walls are some of the most common problems faced by apartment owners in Pakistan. Excess amounts of dampness and moisture coming through the walls not only leads to bacteria growth but also cause permanent damage to the finishes, plaster, and paint. Though, to tackle such a situation and prevent it from occurring again, there are several ways to go by. For example, you can layer all of your walls with damp proofing elements, which are extensively available in the market. Further, be sure that the exterior walls of your apartments in Islamabad building are leak-proof, which means they will not soak in the rainwater. Plus, having precise arrangements for venting the steam generated in your shower room and cooking area will also solve your problem of experiencing wet walls.

Check All Electrical Sockets

Possessing faulty electrical sockets in your apartment might result in disastrous incidents like home fire or electrocution. If you carry out regular maintenance on all the electrical outlets in your living space, then it can drastically decrease the risk. It can save you from expensive repairs by preventing different types of malfunctions. Whenever you carry out maintenance activities on any of the switchboards or electrical outlets around your flat, make sure they are without power to keep yourself safe from electrocution. Fixing and replacing faulty sockets is one of the most crucial tips to maintain your apartment.

Maintaining Lighting Fixtures

Want to live in a well-lit home? Take care of all the lighting fixtures in your flat. Since apartments normally have a balcony and windows. The interior of your living space might get sunlight during the daytime, but at night you might need to light it up properly with the help of lighting fixtures. Great lighting will make your apartment feel roomier. There are lots of lighting fixtures available in Pakistan that you can choose for your apartment. Though, the best thing to do in this regard is to go for energy-saving lighting equipment such as LED bulbs and energy savers.

Ensure Fire Safety

Fire incidents can happen anywhere and anytime, without any warning. As stated before, if you spot any electrical outlet or scorched wire around your living space, you need to quickly take preventative measures against any possible fire incident. Such as, not overloading the electric appliances, avoiding the use of faulty, not having cords running under rugs, and between rooms as it might also cause someone to trip or fall. Also, never leave your heating appliance running ignored, particularly when you have children around.

Secure your Premises

Upgrading the security of your premises should be one of the advantages of your apartment maintenance checklist. Be sure that your apartment is well-lit and that your entrance door is well locked. You should to check your home entrance.  Also take a look at the other inlets like the doors that open up in your balcony and all the windows around your apartment. However, you can also get them installed with shatterproof glass. Installing a home security system is also one of the greatest things to do in this regard.